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VCF Registry

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What are the benefits to using the registry?
How do the registry and survey center work?
What if the survey center cannot make contact with a patient?
Who sees the patient’s protected health information (PHI)?
Does participation in the registry ensure reimbursement?
What is the cost of using the registry?
What documents are required to get started?
Do individual providers have to register and pay individually for each patient enrolled?


General Information

LCD L34106 Specifications

Learn how the Noridian Healthcare Solutions (NHS) local coverage decision (LCD) effects your patient care.

Setting up a registry is easy!

To get started,

please send us the following completed forms (click to download):

Registry Services Agreement

Business Associate Agreement

User Registration Form

Once completed,

please mail the completed documents and a check covering the $1000 one-time registration fee to:

BenchMarket Medical
2815 Eastlake Ave E, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98102

You’re all set!

We’ll review your documents and contact you to complete the registry setup!

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