BenchMarket Medical unlocks an unprecedented level of healthcare intelligence from medical data.

Who We Are

We’re different from other healthcare analytics companies.

We look beyond basic billing codes to extract real-time, real-world insight from medical records and operating room supply data. We have access to the details of the actual care provided as well as the outcome through documents such as operative reports, H&Ps, and patient reported outcomes. We then link this clinical information to the product SKU number and associated cost, which empowers you to make patient-centered decisions that align with your strategic goals.

The key to thriving in an era of healthcare reform is harnessing data to make strategic business decisions while keeping high-quality patient care at the core of what you do.

Whether you’re a hospital grappling with skyrocketing costs, a clinician dealing with CMS restrictions, or a manufacturer trying to understand post-market product use, our expertise helps you dig in and understand your data.

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As a hospital administrator, you need to have productive conversations with clinicians that address their resource use without threatening the culture of quality.

Today in healthcare, the clinical goals of quality care must intersect with the business needs of an organization. The juxtaposition of quality clinical care and profitable care requires meaningful data that support both sides of this dialogue. BenchMarket Medical’s proprietary performance dashboards analyze process of care, outcomes, and cost to provide customizable information for clinicians and hospitals that lead to these productive conversations.


Quality patient care is your top priority. With clinical care under ever-increasing scrutiny, clinicians are pressured to make practice changes that result in cost savings.

We at BenchMarket Medical understand clinician concerns about jeopardizing patient care for the sake of a bottom line – you need clinical justification that changes will not only maintain care, but have the potential to improve care. Clinicians often lack access to this type of actionable data. At best, they receive high-level data driven by top-down administrative needs, which typically raises more questions than answers. Using our proprietary performance dashboards, clinicians become active partners with healthcare administrators. This evidence-based approach to surgical intervention has the ability to “bend the curve” of rising costs while keeping a patient-centered approach throughout.


In an age where hospitals and payers demand evidence-based value, it is now imperative that industry have access to post-market use data.

BenchMarket Medical provides intelligence about device use, with all the breadth and detail of a clinical trial but without the cost and time. We link the devices actually being used in hospitals with granular clinical information to provide a multifaceted understanding of product use, outcomes, and comparative effectiveness. Our proprietary industry dashboard distinguishes new devices from old, tracks the use variables that matter most, and correlates medical outcomes to approved device practices.

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Data Abstraction

We offer low-cost, high-fidelity medical chart abstraction.

With reimbursement increasingly linked to quality measures and efficiency, a data collection and quality improvement process that is cost effective is crucial. Data collection is at the core of this process. BenchMarket Medical provides hospitals with an alternative solution to the traditional in-house staffing model for clinical data abstraction. By using our centralized data abstraction team, hospitals can significantly reduce their costs while still benefiting from highly-trained and quality-controlled data abstractors. Since we understand that practice change must be based on high quality data, clients are assured that data quality and completeness is a top priority. This allows you to focus your internal resources on the quality improvement initiatives, while we handle the abstraction process.

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We’re experts in building customizable registries to fulfill a range of data requirements.

The Vertebral Compression Fracture (VCF) Registry:
Working closely with Noridian Healthcare Solutions (a CMS contractor), BenchMarket Medical has created a simplified approach for providers to submit patient and procedure information to meet payer requirements. The VCF Registry provides a platform for surgeons to efficiently collect metrics required for reimbursement. We use a state-of-the-art survey center to collect the required patient reported outcomes on functional status and pain. Participation in the registry and completion of all data elements is a pathway to reimbursement.

“Noridian supports the use of the BenchMarket registry for establishing the required follow-up and as a primary means for reporting outcomes.”

Bernice Hecker, MD, MHA, FACC,
Medicare Contractor Medical Director, Noridian Healthcare Solutions

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We provide interactive dashboards that help you understand and interpret your data.

BenchMarket Medical understands that the power of data lies not in its quantity but in the ability to harness the right data to deliver healthcare intelligence. Our performance dashboards are customized to the needs of hospitals, clinicians, and industry stakeholders. With detailed reports and always available web-based data, you get a clear, easy to view picture of everything you need to track. Within each dashboard, you can drill down to patient, supply, and surgeon level data, and compare your individual hospital to others in the network. The aim is to rapidly help you get to grips with your data, figure out which data points matter and sift out the ones you don’t need. BenchMarket Medical helps you improve the practice of medicine by turning data into insight.

About Us

We extend valuable data insights across the healthcare industry – from hospitals to hospital administrators to clinicians to medical device manufacturers.

BenchMarket Medical’s approach builds on groundbreaking work by a clinician-led initiative in Washington State that has shown concrete results in reducing variation in care and improving patient outcomes. Our distinctive approach to extracting actionable information from data helps healthcare professionals improve care through benchmarking, lower costs through efficient supply use, and enhance products based on insight into device use.


Justine Norwitz, Chief Executive Officer
Justine Norwitz
Chief Executive Officer
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Paul Song
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